Formal Hairstyles: Hair Styled With Moonbeams, Stardust and Dreams

From a teenager’s prom night to a young woman’s wedding day, the aura of romance and Cinderella going to the ball fills a woman’s imagination like no other night can. From the time she is little, she pictures the dress, the “guy,”and how her hair will look. She pictures her hair in curls, or up, and somehow her hair glitters as the stars above twinkle in the sky. Her formal hairstyle is as much a part of her imagined picture as the dress. When she grows up and the actual prom or wedding is a real date on the calendar, it is time to visit a hairstylist and turn the dreams into reality.

Formal hairstyles can be short, medium, or long. You can wear your hair up or down. Today’s hair extensions are like your fairy godmother and make any style possible. A formal hairstyle has extra curls or is pulled back with flowers, a jeweled clip, or a tiara. It is elegant and out of the ordinary. As you decide on the style, it is important to consider the occasion. Is it your prom night, your wedding, or a very special black tie gala? The formal hairstyle should not only compliment your face and be compatible with your hair texture, but blend in beautifully with the gown you have chosen for the occasion. If it is your wedding day, your hairstyle and your veil should work together to create a perfect frame for your face.

Whether it is your prom, your wedding day, or a black tie gala, you want to be sure that your hairstyle lets you still be you. You have to be comfortable with the hairstyle. It is smart to plan how you want your hair to look a few weeks in advance. Try it out just like you tried on your gown. If you don’t like the look, be flexible and try another one. With planning, moonbeams and stardust will highlight your hairstyle and reflect the glow you will be feeling inside.

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